Automagically start irssi in a screen, on boot

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Irssi Logo

I run a channel logger for Navit which is simply a screened irssi session on a server. Why an irssi session in a screen?

Well, the latter is obvious. The former is because, if my main irssi session – on another server – dies, I can “jump in” to the logging screen and let people know that there’s an issue.

The logging server may require a reboot remotely if it locks up, I’d like the logger to start back as soon as possible.

As root, edit /etc/rc.local with:

/bin/su normal_user_name -c "/usr/bin/screen -dmS irc_logger /usr/bin/irssi"

Since the ~/.irssi/config file contains all the details such as where to log to & what channels to join, I don’t need to worry about it!

Installing CEGCC on openSUSE 11.4

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CEGCC is an a open source cross compiler for Windows CE. You can develop on a PC, and create apps that run on a WinCE device or a WinMo phone.

After moving hard drives I noticed that I had forgotten about the cross compiler, which is in /opt/ – therefore not covered by a package migration nor copying /home/. It was really easy to miss, I have to admit, as CEGCC’s 0.59.01 compiler isn’t available in YaST (or apt) – it’s just available as a binary blob that you copy into /opt/.

How do I reinstall CEGCC, then?

Head on over to the download page and get the arm-mingw32ce tarball.

tar xvvf mingw32ce-0.59.1.tar.bz2
cd opt
sudo cp -r mingw32ce /opt/

I keep getting config errors!

I discovered that openSUSE 11.4 supplies different versions of two libraries, which will break the Navit configuration of the cross compiler. These are and You will need to add in these libraries from the 11.3 repo.

Libgmp is available as a 1-Click-Install, as is libmpfr1

This does NOT affect people who have upgraded from 11.3, only fresh installs of 11.4. Please do NOT symlink other versions of the same library, or you’ll end up with strange memory issues and lots of coredumps.

Navit in Android Market

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A German translation is below the English text.

Today is a red letter day for Navit, we’re delighted to officially announce that Navit is in the Android Market!

Here’s a few, important, things that have been improved upon.
* Address search
* Navigate to a destination from Google Maps
* Navigate to a destination from your contacts list
* On device map downloading
* And a lot of other improvements, too varied to mention

We’d all like to thank all the developers for their passion, dedication and fantastic work on the Android port.

Here are some stats, to date we’ve had 9590 total downloads with 4872 active installs (~50%). We expect this to rise far past 10,000 in the coming days.

So, what are you waiting for?
Download Navit from the Android Market or via the QR Code at

Find us on:
IRC – #navit on or via


Wir freuen uns bekanntgeben zu dürfen, dass Navit nun offiziell im Android Market verfügbar ist!

Hier nur ein paar Dinge die wir kürzlich verbessert haben:
* Adresssuche
* aus Google Maps direkt mit Navit zum Ziel navigieren
* aus den Telefonbuchkontakten mit Navit zum Ziel navigieren
* Kartendownload direkt mit Navit am Handy
* und viele andere Dinge mehr

Wir haben bereits 9590 Downloads und 4872 (~50%) aktive Nutzer aus dem Android Market.Wir erwarten dass diese Ziffer in den nächsten Tagen noch über die 10.000er Marke klettert.

Also, nichts wie hin und Navit ausprobieren!Navit kannst Du entweder über den Android Market (Suchbegriff: Navit)oder mit diesem QR Code runterladen:

Besuche uns auf:

NavitWiki –
Facebook –
Twitter –
LinkedIn –
IRC – #navit on or via


Navit at CeBIT

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Hall 2, Booth F44

Navit – Bug fixes

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I’m going to be working on a few bug fixes for Navit, after getting SVN commit privileges. So far, they’ve been

Ticket #640 – Ireland as locale, which was was fixed in Revision 3540


Ticket #637 – patch for sunrise/sunset calculation, which was fixed in Revision 3541

I’ve been keeping an eye on which tickets interest me, by putting them on my Navit Wiki Page. So far, it’s been squishing bugs, but soon it will be feature requests and proper development – something I’ve missed doing since leaving university… The last major project I worked on was distributed image processing using OpenMP.

While it was a fun and interesting project, I’d hardly call it “proper” development. Something which, I hope, will soon be changed.

Navit – Cross compile

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So, I’ve been messing around with navit a fair bit. I’ve gotten the cross compiler to work with the following settings

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/mingw32ce/bin


export PATH=$PATH:/opt/mingw32ce-59.01/bin

This tells the compiler what path to use for MingW32CE – the cross compiler, which was installed via RPM on an OpenSUSE 11.3 system. MingW32CE-59.01 is the latest stable build – 0.59.1.

I’d recommend sticking with 0.59.1. You download the tarball from CeGCC, untar the  files, move them to /opt/mingw32ce-59.01/bin and you should be good to go.


This generates the files, etc.

WINDRES=arm-mingw32ce-windres \
./configure --host=arm-mingw32ce \
--disable-vehicle-file \
--disable-graphics-gtk-drawing-area \
--disable-svg2png \
--disable-glib \
--enable-support-libc \
--disable-gmodule \
--disable-binding-dbus \
--disable-font-freetype \
--disable-gui-gtk \
--disable-gui-win32 \
--disable-graphics-qt-qpainter \
--enable-cache-size=8000000 \
--disable-graphics-null \
--disable-map-mg \
--disable-speech-cmdline \

This is the big daddy that does the compilation. Just in case you don’t know, “\” at the end of a line tells the shell that the new line is part of the command and is to be ignored.


This creates navit.exe in ~/navit/navit . When you edit files such as main.c, you just need to run make again, although I prefer

make clean && make


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Navit, is a free open source mapping program that uses OpenStreetMap‘s mapping data.

I’ve been fiddling around with Navit for the past week after getting “Hans” – a kickass WinCE GPS from Deal Extreme – and while it requires a LOT of configuration, I’m very impressed.

So far, I’ve been heavily editing the On Screen Display to work correctly with Hans – things like button position and overlaid data such as turn signals, street your currently on, ETA, etc.

One of the downsides of such a small project is the simple fact that there are not that many developers – even less for WinCE. I noticed a bug in Navit regarding Ireland – Poor Navit couldn’t “see” Ireland in the Locale settings. I went on their IRC channel ( #navit on Freenode ) and was talking to Rikky. I asked him to fix the bug, as I STILL haven’t gotten around to doing proper development work, and within 20 minutes the bug was submitted and patched – Revision 3534.

I then copped that the bug fix was incorrect and submitted by own bug fix with patch. Ah well!

Cross compiling the damn thing to WinCE was beyond a joke. It took me 2 weeks to find the problem. In the end, I installed cegcc from RPM and finally got a configuration file to stick – updating the wiki with my great work.

Sadly, routing from Carlow to Galway alludes Hans as he only has a limited amount of RAM and CPU, but we’re all working to fix it. Navit XML configuration file for Hans