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Meanwhile, in Clonakilty


  • Annie G

    In making a quick search of “Geoghegan in Clonakilty” – your name popped-up. I have been trying to find out the history of the Geoghegan family in Clonakilty – with little luck – for awhile. Our family’s John Geoghegan and his brother James emigrated to the USA in the 1850s from Clonakilty. I have all their records back to 1800 – but that’s where the church records end. Do you know anything about the family history before 1800? Anyone who would know? The SW Cork genealogy society were of no help… Or, were you just a tourist taking a photo in Clonakilty?

  • nicksbowel

    Just a tourist.

    I took at look at the 1841 census for you, but it is lacking a lot of information. He’s not, obviously, in the 1901 or 1911 census data which was recently released in Ireland as a full dataset.

    findmypast.ie may be of help.

  • Annie G

    Thanks for replying! I am getting the notion that I will have to travel from California to Clonakilty to find out anything – Perhaps I’ll find a Geoghegan who knows a few stories!

  • nicksbowel

    Direct flights from LA and SFO to Dublin – if you visit, let me know. I’ll bring you to the best pub for Guinness in Dublin :-)