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Found this under my desk

  • No mention of pascal there at all? Or prolog for that matter. :D

  • What about poor Cobol?

  • Prolog is too annoying and obscure to be of any use to anyone.

    COBOL… Well, COBOL is too old for anyone to remember. Which is a pity.

  • Spanish Kanooe

    What about erlang?

    Two sailors on a peer. One knows erlang the other is a queer!

    Two soldiers guarding a fort. One knows erlang the other is called BORT!. ( Coincidentally BORT never got laid because he could not get a name tag to explain his hilarious name )

    Two bottles sitting on a shelf. One is full of erlang and the other is EMPTY!

    Two little dickie birds sitting on a wall. One got shot to bits, the other was protected from the bullets which didn’t match any guard statements and therefore were refused execution muthafuckaaAAAA!